Press Conference “Comforta, Comfort Your Life”

Jakarta, June 25, 2013 – Lifestyle is a pattern of life that is expressed in activities, interests and opinions in spending money and how to allocate time. The main factors forming lifestyle can be divided into two, namely demographic and psychographic. Demographic factors such as by level of education, age, income level and gender, while psychographic factors are more complex because constituent indicators emerge from the characteristics of consumer.

Talking about lifestyle will be endless. In particular lifestyle that is in person’s characteristics. For example, products that are inherent in a person’s body or who is often called consumer by manufacturer and seller of well-known brands.

Lifestyle even a measure of consumer social status. If the brand used by consumers is a premium brand, it reflects that consumer social status is consumer grade A or premium.

In this day and age, Indonesian people has tended to choose brand to demonstrate their level of lifestyle. Start of shirts, pants, shoes, handbags, watches, gadgets, cars, and others. However, if you think about whether they are aware of their bed or mattress brand?

When asked why this lifestyle is also associated with mattress? The answer, why not. Almost 1/4 or 1/3 of a person’s life is spent in bed. Is it also a lifestyle?

“COMFORTA comes with very comfortable and healthy material quality for sleep. Brand that has stood for more than 30 years is very understand profile and body character of its user. Therefore, several series of Comforta spring bed was created to complete various body types of Indonesian people,” said Witarsa, Director of Massindo Group.

According to Dewi Lestari, modern lifestyle that glorifies motto “Work Hard, Play Hard”, many people often overlook the importance of rest, even lose the ability to deliver quality rest period in daily life. “For me, bedroom is a sanctuary. Sacred places at once intimate, because in our family bedroom, we can actually get quality of togetherness that is more difficult to obtain because of activity and work demand. In bedroom, we have a ritual before kids go to bed, where we play, joke, talk, talk heart to heart. The bedroom is the heart of our family life.” she said.

Indeed, sleep is one of the most basic human needs. Without enough and quality sleep, people will have health problems or even can get mental disorder. That is because during sleep, human body is recovering and developing physically and mentally.

“Quality of life is very dependent on healthy sleep. Productivity, health and comfort of life begins every morning after waking up from a sound sleep. Begin entering healthy sleep in every beat of your life,” said dr. Andreas Prasasdja, RPSGT, sleep Physician in Sleep Disorder Clinic at Mitra Kemayoran Hospital.

COMFORTA, spring bed mattress brand that already has nearly 30 years of experience is able to provide an answer to why the mattress for sleep now become a lisfestyle for someone. With theme of more modern, more comfort, easier to choose, COMFORTA now present to enliven bedding market in Indonesia. With this new product, COMFORTA more convincing for consumers that mattress is also a choice of lifestyle. Given, its strong role in daily life.

As for types of COMFORTA divided into three thicknesses : soft, medium and hard, also three luxury consisting of Luxury Series, types including Luxury Dream, Luxury Choice and Luxury Pedic. While Perfect Series, presenting type of mattress such as Perfect Dream, Perfect Choice and Perfect Pedic. And, for the Super Dream, Super Choice and Super Star is present in Popular Series category.

The presence of this COMFORTA is supported with latest design and technology. Called as Pocketed Spring technology that makes mattress feel stronger, more durable and more anti-shock from sleeping couple. Meanwhile Side Advance technology also helps increase strength and comfort of mattress because of strong layer of dense foam around edge of the mattress.

COMFORTA perfection feels complete with Side Support technology which consists of series of steel wire which serves to reinforce each side of mattress in order to increase mattress age. Not only that, Flip Free technology to facilitate consumers so no longer need to flip or rotate the mattress that feels more practical. Spring arrangement which follows the 5 differences in the load zone of human body: head, shoulders, back, hips and legs or called as 5% Zones Support technology was present in this luxury mattress. Not to forget the technology perfection of Couple Comfort makes COMFORTA mattress feel more comfortable.

“The COMFORTA target market is young family with SES A, B and C +. Comforta existence that had stood for long time can be seen from sales in the last three years which has rapid growth with growth rate of at least 15-20%,” added Witarsa Sugeng, Director of Massindo Group.

COMFORTA, a mattress brand founded by Massindo Group. Company engaged in the bedding industry, their products has been trusted by millions of Indonesian people. This was evidenced by the award of “The Best Bedding” for COMFORTA.