Comforta Successfully Gets Master Brand 2014

Comforta won the 2014 Master Brand award from the Latest Makassar Magazine which was held on March 13, 2014, at the Grand Clarion Hotel & Convention, Makassar. This prestigious award makes Comforta one of the strongest brands in the eyes of South Sulawesi consumers.

Comforta won this Master Brand award based on research conducted by Makassar Research. An institution that focuses on marketing and social research, so that the measurement results obtained are truly based on real statistical data in the field. The results of the research, which were taken based on a survey of 1000 respondents in the Makassar area, brought Comforta as the owner of the highest index value of 27.6%, beating several other similar mattress brands in Makassar. Comforta managed to get the 2014 Master Brand award based on five assessment categories, namely, Top of Mind, Last Used, Most Recommended, Most Satisfaction, and Future Intention.

The results of this market research are used as evaluation material in maintaining the Comforta brand so that it is more advanced and grows and is able to compete with similar brands in the community.