Comforta Awarded Top Brand Award 2018 in Bedding Category

Comforta Springbed again received the Top Brand Award in early 2018 in the Bedding category. This year is the fourth year in a row Comforta Springbed has received this award since 2015. This Top Brand Award confirmed Comforta Springbed as the most trusted Bedding Brand in Indonesia. Innovative and affordable products for young Indonesian families launched by Comforta Springbed are the main reasons people believe in the benefits and advantages of Comforta Springbed.

To meet the needs of consumers in this millennial era, apart from being active in social media, Comforta Springbed has also launched the latest innovative product, Comforta X. With Comforta X, consumers can mix and match their mattresses.

Thank you to Comforta Comforta in Indonesia for their trust in Comforta Springbed. We will continue to innovate and provide the best products and services in order to continuously improve the quality of life of the Indonesian people.